The Book "Ethiopia"- Carta Canta Editore

"I have been travelling to Ethiopia for more than six years now to document international cooperation projects. I have had the chance to come into contact with many different realities, and photographed everything from breath-taking landscapes to schools, prisons, religious ceremonies and hospitals throughout the remotest areas of this beautiful land.

At the same time I have had the opportunity to discover the greatness of this Country where fragility and strength combine and where you cannot fail to be moved by the rich well of spirituality and solidarity which persists, despite all the hardships the people face because of drought, the water-related emergency and the precarious sanitary conditions prevailing, as well as the coexistence of different religious and ethnic groups, a lack of literacy and difficulties in limiting population growth.

In this African country it is as though time itself expands, forcing us to forget the rhythms of the West and to enter into another dimension which enables us to listen and truly comprehend the subtle rituals that characterise this population of travellers, people that remain proudly aware of their lineage stretching back through time. The religious faith expressed in their everyday lives bears witness to the way that a people that is deeply spiritual may possess an awareness of a world that transcends the purely material conditions of their difficult existence.

The chance that I have had over the years to share my days with the locals in a variety of different areas has enabled me to overcome any linguistic barriers that existed and to create a dialogue that goes beyond words. What I have found is a people that is prepared to fight by any means for its own evolution despite the clearly great difficulties to be tackled. I have been struck by the sense of solidarity that unites the inhabitants of the villages who, despite living in conditions of absolute poverty, are ready to welcome you as one of their own: an unexpected gift that has enabled me to discover a new way of considering those around me.

I have thus attempted to interpret the dignity of these people, who are both so proud and so generous, through portraits and images of places where man has left a poetic trace as he passed through. The idea behind these images is not that of showing a world that is different from ours, nor expressing social hardship, but rather the idea is to bear witness to a natural process of growth of understanding of this great people, expressed through their everyday lives."


All founds in entries for the acquisition of this book will be used for the drilling of a new water well in Tigray Region, Ethiopia. The book is available upon request at: Photographies can be purchased in limited run print on Hahnemuhle fine art 325gr paper, numbered and signed 1/10. For further details please contact me. 

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